Twelv & Thesis

Twelv & Thesis

South Africa /


Having firmly rooted themselves within the South African Electronic Music industry, Twelv & Thesis have played almost every major festival and club in the country with their unique blend of nonsense & bass. As well as playing alongside Local & International Legends such as SkiZM/Far Too Loud/Document One/The CyberPunkers/Dubsidia/Funtcase/Jenna G/Haezer/Double Adapter/Sibot/Mala/SchlatofBronx/Ali B/Gazelle/The FreeStylers/Autodidakt/Crossman & Phizicst/Liver/Dank/Hugs on Drugs/Richard The Third/The Blunted Stunman/Niskerone/P.H.Fat/Jam Jarr/BTeam/Voicetag/Mix&Blend & More – Having met at the age of 2 in a sandpit it was inevitable that these lifelong friends would one day make music together.

Twelv & Thesis are difficult to categorise. They’re not your average DJ and MC combo, nor are they simply purveyors of Break-Beat and its brethren. With touches of electro and drum ‘n bass, a spoonful of glitch, and the ever present tooth rattling bass, one thing’s for sure: they make music designed to be partied to.

An eclectic high octane blend of Electro, BreakBeat, Drum & Bass and Booty Shaking Dubstep Beats, blended into a single unique sound, tied together with rhythms that are current and accessible to every South African.