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Advance Music Group, formed in 2016, is the concept and amalgamation from label owners of Fracture Music Group and On a Break Records. From conception until now, Advance Music Group has become the parent company to labels Yucatech Recordings, On a Break Records, G-Rhyme Time and Wabantu Music.

The aim of Advance Music was to tap into multiple markets and work in many levels of music genres. Right now, between our labels, Advance has its hand in releasing everything from Techno, Bass Music, Mainstream, Dance, House, Breaks, Drum & Bass, Hip Hop, Grime and Electro, with each label focussing on its own speciality and niche market.

Between the owners there is more than 25 years experience in the music industry, and the companies in their respective formats, work with artists from all corners of the globe.

In 2017 Advance Music moved its operations to Bristol, United Kingdom. The company operates full time from this location, and has representatives in Africa, Europe, and North America, allowing for greater exposure to multiple markets.

Under the Advance Music umbrella the company not only runs numerous labels but also offers Distribution, Media, Engineering and Music Publishing services.

For any information on our services check out our social media links or visit our contact page and drop us a mail.