Advance Music Group Ltd Privacy Policy

When connecting to our radio stream, your IP address will be sent to our radio service provider in order for us to track listening trends and provide licensing bodies with royalty reports. Once our service provider receives your IP it is immediately anonymised, deleted and becomes untraceable. This data is never sold on or passed to other companies.

The Advance Music Group / AMG Radio / AMG Radio Live iOS App does not collect any user data when installed or launched on your device

The Advance Music Group / AMG Radio / AMG Radio Live Android App does not collect any user data during use. In order to provide audio control during Phone App use, the App will monitor the ‘state’ of the phone App (Idle, in call, call ended) if applicable on your device. At no point will the App be able to listen in or derive phone numbers or data.
The Android App also requires access to local storage. This is to store it’s configuration for faster launch times.


The views and opinions expressed on all Radio shows broadcast on the AMG Radio / Advance Music Group Ltd  are entirely those of the hosts, guests and callers, who are entirely responsible for all show content, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the AMG Radio / Advance Music Group Ltd or its staff.

These broadcasts are presented and made public AS ENTERTAINMENT, in the hope that they will be entertaining to the audience. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or mitigate in any way any disease or condition or to promote any specific lifestyle, belief, religion, political affiliation or other personal practice, nor is the information presented deemed to be accurate or verifiable.

Some parts of this AMG Radio / Advance Music Group Ltd  Site, Radio and Television Streams may contain adult content intended for people who are at or above the legal age of majority in their jurisdiction of residence. By viewing or listening to this adult content, you are representing that you are at or above such legal age of majority and that the content is acceptable to you.

We do NOT in any way condone the use of hate speech or discrimination of any kind.